Friday, February 26, 2010


This is kind of a pathetic excuse for a post, but I haven't had much time today. So I will just say that I really strongly dislike moving. Luckily, this time it's only a ten-minute ride to the new place, and all our stuff was already packed up and in storage anyway, so it wasn't too tough.

Here's what I'm not sure how to deal with now. Kid A is tall enough now that he can reach the light switches. So all of my attempts to save money by keeping the lights off are really not going to work unless I do a walk-through of the whole house every five minutes. Is there any such thing as kid-proofing a light switch?

I'm going to bed now and I'll probably dream about boxes, packing tape, and various items that I didn't let myself take to DI. I'm going to have nightmares about this stuff until I just admit that it's all junk that I will never look at again, at which time I will reluctantly take it to DI and feel sad for exactly 5.2 seconds. Then life will go on.


Ryan said...

I think it's been longer than 5.2 seconds that I've been feeling sad about my speakers landing at the DI. :-(

Maegan said...

Moving is the pits. We'll miss you guys!
I think the DI sadness does go away for most everything. Then a few things you will think about in a few years and go "where is that_____? I haven't seen that in a while."
And then there is the category of clothes-that-your-husband-insists-you-throw-out-b/c-he-doesn't-appreciate-your-unique-style, still a sore spot.

Hilary said...

Haha, sounds like a fun moving day experience. Where did you move to?

Staci said...

So, here's how to conteract the DI sadness. You each (husband and wife) have a DI box. At your disgression you throw stuff into that box for the D.I. Then, at random times, husband takes wifes box and wife takes husbands box to the D.I.(not together). Therefore you are not ACTUALLY taking YOUR stuff to the D.I., but the stuff you WANT gone. And, by the time you have D.I. remorse, it's gone - nothing you can do about it. And, you can't get mad because YOU put it in the box. Genius? I think I am.